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Summer is Coming! Warm up your Hot Dog Rollers!

Most days, there is nothing I would love more than to have a good hot dog.  Serve me up a Chicago dog from Sonic, maybe a chili cheese dog from the local place down the street.  Truth be told, though, I’d happily eat a hot dog from the convenience store, one that had been on the hot dog roller for a while.

Why? They just taste better.  Sure, you can microwave them or boil them, but there’s nothing that beats the rotisserie action of a traditional hot dog roller for making them taste right.  What the rollers do is make sure that the dog is cooked evenly on all sides, so there’s no random char spots that you’ll sometimes get with doing it at home.

Now, if you’re wanting to serve some hot dogs in your establishment, whether you’re in a convenience store or another venue, the first thing that you have to decide is how many hot dogs that you want and need to cook at the same time.

rollerThis little guy can do 12 hot dogs, something which might be perfect for giving hot dogs a try.  The thing is, with the hot dog roller, you’re not limited to just hot dogs.  You have taquitos, sausages, and other round things available to you.  All of them will be cooked to perfection.

There are a number of dog choices in between, but we end up with the Star Grill Max 75SCBBC 75 Hot Dog Roller Grill on the other side.  This cooker has enough rolling power to really make you look good with its production.  It’s even tilted a little bit so that your product is facing out to the customers.  This is the type of equipment that you’d want to borrow when you were having an excellent cookout.

Great hot dogs are everywhere, but without a hot dog roller making a whole lot of the tasty treats is a near impossibility.  Take it from the pros and get a hot dog roller today.

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Ever Used a Tilting Skillet?

download (30)Have you ever heard of a tilting skillet? First, picture a regular skillet. A skillet is a very useful piece of equipment in the kitchen. You can scramble eggs, sautee vegetables, and braise meats. If you take a skillet and smash it together with a stock pot and a steamer, then give it a tilt, you’ve got a tilting skillet.

Why is a tilting skillet useful? It lets you do the same things a skillet does, but at a much higher volume. Need to cook scrambled eggs for the entire school in one go? Use a tilting skillet. Need to braise a huge chunk of meat without tying up your oven? Tilting skillet. But why tilt the skillet? On the front of a tilting skillet is a place where a serving container can rest. Just scoop out what you need, hand off the tray, and put on a fresh one for the next run.

Many cooks use these solely as a braising instrument. Braising makes tough meats tender, but it requires long cooking in liquid. Many tilting skillets have a braising top that can fold over the bin to trap liquid. The tilting feature makes it easy to slide that huge roast out and into a pan without fear of dropping it.

Don’t tie up your main stove if you don’t have to. Check out our selection of tilting skillets today.

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Stock Pot Stoves are a Must for Great Soups

download (22)Every restaurant needs a stove. No fire, no cooking. But they don’t need just any kind of stove. A small home stove is the wrong tool when you need to cook a lot of food all at once. Sometimes even a standard commercial stove isn’t enough to do the job.

Take cooking stock. Reducing a stock down can be an all day job. Your chefs need a place where they can put their largest stockpot down and let the stock cook without it getting in the way of normal operations. Empura sells a special one-burner stove just for this purpose.

It’s the Empura EMHP-1HD, a one-burner heavy-duty stock pot range. This 18” wide by 24” deep stove can handle even the largest of stock pots. The three-ring burner assembly lets cooks precisely control the heat. One knob controls the outer burner to keep a stock cooking, while the second knob controls the two inner burners to get a stock quickly up to heat. A standard gas burner may not have enough oomph to really heat up a huge pot of liquid. This stove can do the job.

The stove is only 22” high with 4” legs, perfect for tucking out of the way of normal kitchen traffic. The burners are made out of cast iron while the body is made of stainless steel and has a drip pan for easy cleaning. The Empura EMHP-1HD runs off natural gas, though a propane conversion kit is available.

Don’t let your stocks rob your stove of space, or take forever to cook down. Try out a stock pot stove and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to make awesome soups.

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The Empura ETP-10T Microwave

empura-etp-10tIf you go to a fancy restaurant, you may think that a microwave might be banned from the kitchen. Perhaps in some fancy restaurants, but many places do use a microwave for quick reheating tasks. Despite what purists might think about the ease of using a microwave and the subtle changes they can do to a food’s texture and taste, many microwaves in restaurants are seeing heavy use.

Commercial microwaves are pretty simple devices. One example is the Empura ETP-10T. This 1000w stainless steel microwave oven holds 0.9 cubic feet of food, yet is only 21” wide. It has a stainless steel interior and exterior and a ceramic bottom for easy cleaning. 10 programmable settings and three power levels will help your staff reheat anything on your menu, and the clear display will help them notice if anything is boiling over.

It has everything you’re looking for in a microwave. It’s easy to clean and easy to use. There is also an optional microwave shelf that you can purchase to mount your microwave on any wall of your kitchen. This keeps it out of the way of busy cooks.

If you need a commercial microwave, the Empura ETP-10T is a good and affordable commercial microwave that’s good for just about any restaurant’s need. We also have many other microwaves. Check out our supply by browsing our website.

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Candy Slicers make Fudge Easy

download (10)Candy making is a very fine art. It’s much more difficult to manipulate sugar than the people on the cooking shows let on. Depending on the temperature of the final mixture, sugar behaves in different ways. It can turn into sticky balls, hard candy, smoky caramels, and much more. You can beat air into it and turn it into fondant, or put a stick in there and make lollipops.

One of the trickiest parts of working with sugar is cutting it. It sticks to everything. There are tricks you can do, like oiling your knife, but that can leave an unwanted residue. You have to work very quickly and precisely. Cut too soon and the mix will flow back into itself. Cut too late and it’ll be too hard to cut.

Professional confectioners have a variety of special tools to help them get those perfect cuts. One of these is the Matfer mini guitar candy slicer. This machine is great for cutting out sticks of candy or fudge from a big block. Think of it like a cheese slicer on steroids. Just put the block of candy on the slicer and pull the lever down. Little wires will slide through the block to separate the candies. Our model can hold a block of candy 17.5” by 13.125”, which is quite a lot of candy!

Don’t waste time trying to cut a big block of fudge with a knife. Do it in one go with the Matfer mini guitar candy slicer.