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Hotel Chains Become Even More Green

Going green is everyone’s responsibility, including those who are in the hotel industry. There are several things that the larger hotels are doing which are making them a bit more green for their consumers.

Big changes are happening to reduce the greenhouse gases that hotels are producing. The Starwood hotel chain is working on improving its own greenery by switching their restaurants over to local items and introducing more and more biodegradable materials into their luxury resorts.

One of the big things that we’re loving is the fact that they’re placing filtered water dispensers right near the ice machines to help people reuse their plastic bottles. Even the robes are made from recycled materials. This is happening at Hyatt in Kauai.

For those who are concerned about their ice machines, one can switch over to the Energy Star certified ice machines which use less water and less energy than the non-Energy Star machines. It’s very refreshing to see that the green movement is catching on everywhere.

When you’re at your favorite hotel, see if they’ve undertaken any green initiatives. You might be pleasantly surprised that they’re taking their green into their own hands by installing the equipment which will make them more sustainable in the future.

Here is more information about hotels going green.

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Craft Beer Continues to Boom

The last time that we sent into a bar, we were greeted with a list of beers that went on for pages and pages. This bar was an actual beer bar, but set foot into most bars and you will see that there are at least one or two selections which don’t fit the status quo.

If you’re looking for some draft to fill your kegerator or you’re looking for bottles to fill your undercounter beer cooler, there are many distributors who are willing to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something hoptacular or something low key.

The best part of this story is that there are more brewers making beer for you. There were 12.2 million barrels sold by craft brewers. It’s growing and growing, to the point where every bar is going to have an even wider selection.

The US added 699 more breweries since last year, and there are 1755 more in the making. Even if you don’t like beer, you might find something which really floats your boat. Maybe more restaurants will bring beer specialists on staff.

Think your cooler can take the surge of new beer that is hitting the market and already here? We’ll find out soon.

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Japanese Restaurant Brings Food to Nepal

There has been some devastating damage to the country of Nepal. Thousands have been killed, many more have been injured. One man in Denver, a chef, decided that he wanted to do something about it.

Gaku Homma is the owner of Domo, a popular Japanese restaurant in Denver. He saw the wreckage and decided to do something about it, wanted to do something on his own to help, forsaking the clean sushi deli cases and the walk-in refrigerators for something more basic.

He’s brought over 150 kilos of equipment with him, self funding the trips to Nepal. He’s coordinated with the Nepal Army Rangers. All of this, he’s done by himself. When he makes his trips to bring medical supplies and other equipment, he also brings his training in Aikido.

This, he feels, brings psychological support to the people of Nepal. “The Nepali people is a… very innocent people,” he said. “Mountain-area people, most of the people, no TV, no electric.”

Stories like these are uplifting because they demonstrate what you can do, and emphasize the fact that we’re all people – we’re restaurant owners, restaurant equipment suppliers, chefs, and more. If you find yourself wanting to donate and start giving to the people with whom you feel a kinship with, then start. All it takes is a first step.

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Who Brought Sushi to America?

Sushi is one of the best foods in the world. It has portability, there are several varieties available to the average person, and there are even documentaries and upscale sushi bars scattered all over the country. One can even pick up a few bites from the local supermarket – a chef will make it fresh for you.

One of the people who is largely credited for bringing sushi to America is Noritoshi Kanai, chairman of the Mutual Trading Company. It’s based in Los Angels. He set up his company to bring food from home to the homesick Japanese people in LA.

He even set up a restaurant to continue the good food traditions that he’d set up in the war. “I think food is the most important merchandise in human living,” he said once.

Kanai set the standard and people loved sushi because it was exotic. It was something that people wanted because they’d never seen it before. He started with the Japanese cookie, and then worked his way into sushi. He also opened the Sushi Institute of America to help preserve the culture.

So when you’re thinking about the deli case that is at your local restaurant, think a little bit more about the person who brought the delight to you. Thank you, Mr. Kanai.

For more information about some of the great things that he’s done, read this article.

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The Empura E-49 Refrigerator

When you’re building a kitchen from the bottom up, it’s tempting to just look at the food which you’re going to be serving, but there are many more items which need to be purchased. For instance, even if you get all of that wonderful food, where are you going to store it? You need a fridge which is sturdy, reliable, and accessible.

You might even need a place which doesn’t take up that much space, because space is always at a premium within restaurants. It’s necessary to have mobility and accessibility, and one size doesn’t fit all – it all depends on the space that you’re filling. For a good general section, however, the Empura E-49 reach-in refrigerator does the trick.

If your establishment does catering, you want to have enough room to fit sheet pans into the fridge. This definitely accommodates it. You also want to be able to transport it as best as you can – and the heavy duty casters that it’s got on the bottom are perfectly suited to the task. Combine that with having the temperature easily readable on the front, it’s made for heavy use in any kitchen.

Refrigeration is necessary to prevent spoilage, and the Empura E-49 reach-in refrigerator from Restaurant Supply is perfect for the job.