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Blodgett Ovens are Quality-Built

Quality. That’s a buzzword that you see in nearly every commercial that you see. It’s bandied about like something having quality is nothing special anymore. When you combine quality with longevity, however, you know that the product that you’re buying will stand out above the rest.

Blodgett ovens are designed to stand out above the rest. They have that longevity that many other oven companies don’t have. Here are some of the other things which happened in the year that the first Blodgett oven was created by Gardner S. Blodgett.

  • The California Gold Rush begins as James Marshall finds gold at Sutter’s Mill.
  • Wisconsin is admitted as the 30th US state.
  • The Mexican-American war ends, allowing California to be a possession of the United States.
  • James K. Polk is president.

The year was 1848, and Gardner S. Blodgett was asked to create an oven for the fine people in a local tavern in Vermont. The popularity of the oven grew, and now the Blodgett name can be seen worldwide and in kitchens everywhere.

The commitment that Blodgett has to their mission of providing great cooking equipment has not changed since their inception. These guys set out to build some of the best ovens in the world. And they have.

Sourced from: The Blodgett About Page, accessed August 30, 2015

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Use Blodgett for Big Braising

Having the right restaurant equipment in your kitchen is crucial to making the best dishes. You might have a huge pot for soup, but what about braising your meat for chili or for stew? Those folks who need to do large-volume braising turn to Blodgett braising pans.

Think about these pans as some of the most versatile pans in your kitchen arsenal. You can take care of several pounds of meat, or make sure and make sure that hamburger is browned to perfection before building the chili. You can take large volumes of stew and cook it all at once.

Braising is a two step process. You sear it, then you cook your meat in liquid for a long time. This is perfect for stews and other foods that you want to get all of the juices come out into the water. Slow cooked proper chili requires that you use the braising technique.

The stainless steel Blodgett braising pans are easy to work with, as they’re gas powered. These pans are also easy to clean. The key is to look for the right size to really make it happen.

There are several types of braising pans from which to choose for your commercial kitchen. You can start with 30 gallons, and go up from there. Try one soon to see how well they work.

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Clean Greens with Dynamic Salad Spinners

We love great salads here at Restaurant Supply, and believe that every great salad should have crisp, bacteria-free greens at its heart. Keeping those greens free from spoilage is of great priority in the kitchen. After all, the longer the salad lasts, the longer you can sell it. This is the reason that Dynamic Salad Spinners were invented.

Salad spinners are devices which separate the water from the lettuce leaves with centrifugal force. By spinning the greens around, you are removing the water from the surface, minimizing bacterial growth. Surprisingly enough, these salad spinners were invented in the 1800’s, but they weren’t popularized until the early 1970’s.

There are a few styles for modern salad spinners, including the crank, button, and electric.

Dynamic Salad Spinners come in either manual (crank) or electric. With the crank, you are able to control the speed which the salad is rotating inside, though the volume of salad is what you’d get with a larger, electric spinner.

The electric spinners, what most of the Dynamic Salad Spinners are, are used in kitchens throughout the country. They push the water off of the greens, making them just a bit safer from foodborne illnesses.

There are plenty of models of salad spinner from which to choose. It depends on the volume of salad that you want to spin.

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Need a Cambro Food Carrier for your Catering Event?

We’re getting close to September, which means that the kids are almost all back in school and the beautifully HOT summer weather is almost over. But it is still warm enough for people to have a lovely evening meal outside. This means that there’s ample opportunity for outdoor catered events and Cambro Food Carriers.

Any of these carriers make a perfect addition to a caterer’s arsenal of portable food trays. They can be used to bring the extras or the main meals, depending on how many fixins that a client needs. One of the indispensable features of the Cambro Food Carriers is that they do exactly as advertised: let you carry food without your worrying about temperature.

While you might not have a portable stove on the premises, you can still keep your cooked food with you inside of these dishwasher-safe carriers. Caterers everywhere sing their praises, as Cambro is one of the most trusted brands  in the catering industry.

You’re even able to keep these cold by putting some ice packs into the container. Or fill them with hot water to warm up the food.  So, are you catering a few events this time of year? Get your squash on with your caterer.  Try the Cambro Food Carrier for your next event.

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The Belleco Conveyor Toaster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what is the most important breakfast food? There are eggs and you can have your bacon, but for us it’s the bagel. Nothing says breakfast so aptly like a freshly toasted bagel with a good coating of flavored cream cheese.

If your restaurant wants to make the bagel dreams of your patrons a reality, it’s time to take a look at the most important tool of the trade when it comes to bagel toasting. The Belleco Conveyor Toaster. Indeed, these toasters can handle up to 500 slices per hour. That’s a LOT of bagels.

Fortunately, there are a lot of bagel flavors out there to keep the most hardcore bagel aficionado happy. Some of the folks in the office love to have their onion bagels with the lox spread. Apparently, that tastes great with a couple leaves of lettuce.

For those that want the sweet introduction to the morning, there’s the cranberry with regular cream cheese. The key, as we said, to making it super special is the Belleco Conveyor toaster working in the background – how else can you serve the masses?

Texas toast makes great sandwich material, too. This makes having the conveyor toaster on hand perfect for the lunch crowd. Innovation through restaurant equipment, it’s your menu.