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Why is Quality Equipment Important?

Being in the restaurant supply business, our installers get to see the kitchens of a lot of restaurants. You start to learn what makes them tick, what separates the bad restaurants from the good ones. Having a best-selling restaurant is not done by accident.

One factor that makes a great restaurant is having the best restaurant equipment on hand to do the job. Why is quality equipment so important?

  • Keeps the chefs happy

Many chefs are secret gear nuts. We’re all about keeping the chefs happy. When they’re happy, everyone is happy in the restaurant because there is more care and love being devoted to the food. No chef wants to fight their equipment to meet all the tickets.

  • Fewer service calls

Old or poorly-maintained equipment means more calls. All kitchen equipment will eventually wear out, especially major appliances. If you’re finding yourself on a first-name basis with your local service techs, you may want to consider new equipment.

These are just a couple of reasons that you might want to have the most up-to-date equipment at your site. Treat your restaurant and your chefs this holiday season with some new gear from Restaurant Supply. Your patrons will thank you for the improved food and the improved speed.

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Donate your Used Equipment this Holiday Season

This is the season for giving. Thanksgiving has just passed, and the Christmas season has officially begun. Huge swaths of people are now searching for the best gifts to give their friends, family, and coworkers. What about organizations devoted to giving back? They need help, too.

Equipment fails from time to time, unfortunately. Even though we do everything we can, we can’t prevent breakdowns. This is where others can come in by donating True freezers and refrigeration equipment to charities that need them to run their operations.

A local business in Pennsylvania has done something wonderful by helping out a philanthropist. Mike Dellavecchia makes sure that donated food makes it to others’ mouths every single day. Unfortunately, his freezer broke down, forcing him to rely on bags of ice and little mini coolers to transport the non-frozen food away.

The appliance shop that was sent to help out Mr. Dellavecchia saw the trouble that he was in and donated a freezer to the cause so that more food can go to those who are in need. Take a look around to see if there are opportunities to do good by your fellow man. There’s a good chance that you’ll see those opportunities all around you.  Spread some holiday cheer this year by donating your used equipment.

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Corpus Christi Restaurant Serves Thanksgiving Every Week

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to give thanks for what we have and the sacrifices which have been made. We are instructed to count our blessings and to revel in the gathering of our family. Should this giving of thanks be relegated to only once a year? One restaurant doesn’t think so.

The Portis Kountry Kitchen in Corpus Christi doesn’t think so. They pull out their finest restaurant silverware every Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, green bean casserole, carrots, and the best mashed taters in the world come to the table every Thursday.

The owner of the Portis, Maurice Portis, views his restaurant as a way to give back to the community and to help his friends and family. The Thanksgiving feast is just one way to help out residents. The only complaint that the owner receives is that he should open a restaurant in their part of town.

According to local residents, this is one of the best places to get good homestyle cooked food. It’s got a limited menu, but what isn’t in the choices is made up for in the flavor. Every day, there are a few entrée selections and several sides. Now, that’s something that you can sink your restaurant silverware into.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Restaurant Supply!

Is there a restaurant around your area that really hits the spot with their country cooking? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Restaurant Offers Free Meals on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is sure to bring out some of the turkeys in the world, but it also brings out some of the good in people. George Dimopoulos, a Greek immigrant, is heating up the commercial ovens and opening his commercial refrigerators to offer free meals in his restaurant to Detroit residents. He does it to honor the memory of the times when he was homeless and on the street.

This is one of those things that Dimopoulos does from the heart. He came to America at 23 in 1969 and saved up enough money to open his own restaurant. He definitely remembers what it was like to have nothing to eat and nothing in his pocket.

Now, he owns several restaurants and feeds people every day. And, as good news travels fast, he’s expecting to receive a lot of people at his restaurant for this Thanksgiving. He placed a sign in the window which reads, “George’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner. If anyone is home alone, come eat with us for free! All day Thurs November 26th.” There should be plenty of takers.

Thanksgiving is about appreciating what you have and the sacrifices which have been made. If you’re in Detroit on Thanksgiving, you can also have a full tummy.

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The Fake Food Artisans of Japan

While you might want to take out the restaurant dinnerware for this, the food here is absolutely inedible. Today, we’re taking a look toward Osaka, Japan’s fake food capital. There, you can find sushi, tempura, and pizza, all made by a fake food artisan.

If there is a type of food, there is someone out there who can make it fake. Fake food is something that you see everywhere – from the sushi bars to the grocery store. It is used mostly for advertising. Customers can see what the food looks like without the chef having to make sample plates every day. Even upscale Asian restaurants may have a display case of fake foods.

Are you having trouble with your patrons not knowing or understanding what you serve? Fake food comes to the rescue by giving people an eyeful of what they can expect. Before some people can eat, they have to have some bit of familiarity – and the fake food delivers.

Artisans create the fake food with love, crafting pieces of sushi from polyurethane and coloring them with spray paint. Each piece is made with love, as the machines that are out there can’t seem to make the food look real. Is there an uncanny valley for food?

What type of marketing do you use for your food? Are there things on the menu that people just don’t’ understand? Tell us in the comments.