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Restaurant Business is Up!

Fire up those commercial ovens and start thinking about expansion. The economy, including the restaurant industry economy, is looking up. People are starting to clamor for new restaurants, and that means new commercial ovens and new opportunities to seriously make an impression on people with creativity and drive.

Some of the statistics are glowing. For example, the snack and nonalcoholic beverage-bar segment grew by 6.5 percent last year. It’s expected to continue its growth – and we might have the opportunity to see more self-service slushy machines coming up.

The other segments of the restaurant industry were a bit slower, but they were nonetheless still impressive overall. Anything that’s going up as far as growth is good, right? The restaurant sector still has one out of every 10 jobs within the economy.

Now’s the perfect time to start a restaurant, whether you’re looking at a quaint place where you can put a refrigerated deli case or a sit down restaurant where you might want to get an Iceomatic ice machine. Let your imagination be your guide.

The biggest boost that we’re getting in the industry is the prediction that employment in restaurants will be up and the segment will grow to over $780 billion dollars. Wow! That’s a lot of burgers and fries, but you gotta eat.

Is your restaurant thinking about expansion this year? Are you getting more people coming through your doors? What’s your secret?

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The Empura Microwave Oven

It was a wonderful day when we discovered that you could actually cook popcorn in a commercial microwave oven. Maybe it’s not the most conventional of things, but salt and vinegar popcorn makes great bar food. Just sayin’.

We’ve talked a few times about the Empura Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Oven, but there’s always time to talk about microwaves and how well they can do in the kitchen.

This one, at nearly a cubic foot on the inside, is one of the larger ovens for the space that it takes up. The door is transparent so that you can see the goodies that are cooking inside. Microwaves, when used right, can really make the difference between making a ticket and watching it fizzle out.

A cool feature of the Empura Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave is that it has up to 10 programmable memory settings for customization. So, if you have something that you cook the same way over and over, you can just press a button and have it go to town. It’s not like working an oven where you have to worry about taking it off of the heat.

It’s also very easy to clean this microwave. This will help your servers who need to get a little more time on a meal for a patron to be happy. Great microwaves mean excellent customer service, right?

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Proper Shelving Crucial for Food Safety

Restaurant shelving. You might not think about it once you’ve installed it, but it’s necessary for health reasons to get the products stacked on those shelves correct. How many times have you heard about health violations stemming from the inability to put items on shelves?

For example, there is a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio this week which had blood drops from raw meat land on the tortillas. There was also blood on raw, prepared potatoes. These offenses and more caused the owners of the restaurant to stay up all night to fix the problem.


Think about your home kitchen. Was it yesterday or the day before that you put that lasagna away? Food labeling becomes even more crucial in the restaurant setting because there are more people involved. Mark the date on every container.


As we found out from the Mexican restaurant, meat can sometimes drip blood, and if it’s kept high on the restaurant shelving, it will get all over everywhere. This can be a problem for some places, so keep it lower on the shelves.


One of the biggest troubles with restaurant shelving is that restaurants will stack their shelves too high or overload them past their capacity. Even though the shelves themselves are very sturdy, there are limits. Try not to let your restaurant get crazy… just get more restaurant shelving.

Keeping the items organized on restaurant shelving is absolutely crucial for passing health inspections and keeping restaurants running smoothly. What tips do you have for keeping your restaurant in line?

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Rainbow Bagels?

Cooking, whether you’re doing it with a commercial boiler, a commercial oven, or a charbroiler, can be an incredible act of creativity. When cooking, there’s an opportunity to do something which has never been done, something which might break the mold. Every day becomes cause for experimentation.

Take, for instance, the standard bagel. Bagels have been around for quite a while, coming in a variety of flavors and styles. There are, however, standouts in the bagel business. There is the rainbow bagel at the Bagel Store. YES. It’s a rainbow.

And it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, as it is the culmination of someone’s creativity and ideas. The dough comes in a shocking array of colors and patterns. But, we can’t think of anything better to put into commercial boilers.

What do you think about the rainbow bagel? This is just one example of taking the ordinary and turning it into something spectacular. In reality, it’s all about taking the ordinary and making it into something extraordinary – something even more beautiful than what we could have imagined.

Do you have some ideas for what you could do in your restaurant? The kitchen is an incredible test bed for new ideas, new thoughts. With that excellent understanding of flavors, where can you go wrong?

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Ice-O-Matic Gives your Breakrooms Crunchable Ice

Even if you’re not in the restaurant business, a restaurant supply store can often be the place to look for commercial ice machines for the home and for the break room. Having ice and water available for your employees is an affordable perk which lets your people know that they are cared for. For the breakroom setting, we’re particularly fond of the Ice-O-Matic ice and water dispenser, specifically the Ice-O-Matic GEMD270A.

Crunchable Ice For Any Occasion

Your employees will thank you for the pearl ice that they have in their breakroom from this ice machine. The GEMD270A has a touch free dispenser, which means that there are no worries about whether Janet in Accounting has a cold or the plague. Simply slide your cup underneath and press the button.

The chute that the ice comes out of is easy to clean, as well, providing you with sanitary safeness. The buttons on the panel are easy to follow, and the maintenance that is necessary for the machine is quite minimal.

But the real feature of this ice and water dispenser from Ice-O-Matic? Pearl ice. Pearl ice is the crunchable, wonderful hospital-style ice that you can find in several convenience stores and at least one fast food chain. This ice has the power to cheer people up because of its crunchability.

The machine itself takes up very little space on the counter, at less than 2 feet wide, it should fit quite handily near the coffee machine.