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All About Art: the Creative Expression and Finishing Touch of your Decor


Say you’ve opened your new restaurant. You’ve thought about POS systems, furniture, equipment, flatware, menu, and staff, but have you thought about decor? The final touches to your walls and tables will add ambience and character to your new spot, so take a moment to consider some cool options that will offset your restaurant well.

For the tables, flowers are gorgeous, but they also are expensive. They will need to be replaced almost daily, if not daily, and plastic florals do not set a good tone. If you live close to a farm or source farm goods, then source local flowers from the same supplier and have cheap, local, vibrant hues in the summer. In the winter, consider seasonal greenery and autumnal displays to keep things fresh, seasonal, and cost effective. Looking for a cheap, trendy alternative? Succulents look great on the table, are easy to maintain, and won’t break the bank.

For the walls, you can commission a local photographer to take pictures of your crew and food and blow them up to showcase what you do best – food. If you’re a restaurant specializing in food from a specific region – say Italy – then showcase that with spectacular images from the area. Black and white looks great with a colorful decor, and color adds a nice pop to a neutral palate

If you want to go into more traditional art, consider buying originals before getting prints. Local artists will be thrilled to have a venue to showcase their wares. Consider doing a different artist every month, or even showcase several different artists in the same collection. But be careful – you need to have an eye for art and aesthetic to ensure that the visuals elevate and don’t detract from your brand. Managing the artists can also be a full time job, in and of itself. Don’t bite off more than you can chew – delegate the responsibilities to a General Manager or a designated buyer. Your walls – and your sanity – will thank you.

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