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Designing your restaurant: what to take into consideration

Modern restaurant

A new restaurant is an exciting and complex concept.  There are so many factors to take into consideration when planning your kitchen, your menu, your staffing, your permits, your liquor license – the list goes on and on.  Equally important: your dining room space.  Customers eat with their eyes first, and having an attractive and welcoming seating area will greatly improve the experience of the diners.

Restaurant Supply carries a large array of restaurant furniture for both indoors and outdoors – shop our collection here.  And below are some tips to keep in mind and get you started on creating the perfect space:

From a practical standpoint, functionality is key.  Consider the flow of the restaurant closely.  There are so many moving parts in a working restaurant – quite literally – so plan your space carefully and consider what’s going to work best to keep your lunch and dinner rushes flowing smoothly.  Adequate space between tables – an area for a line to form in front of the register (if applicable) indoor/outdoor seating which can be adjusted seasonally – all things to consider as you plan out the amount of tables you want to have and where they will go.  Banquets and communal seating can also maximize the amount of paying customers you can have in the restaurant, but make sure that these new, modern seating tactics fit the flow and the vibe of your restaurant’s concept before implementing them.

Consider working with an interior designer.  Just as you hire a chef to run your kitchen, or an agency to handle your marketing – working with an expert in interior design can drastically improve the quality and caliber of your finished space.  While you may have your own concept in mind, executing your vision will be much easier with a  professional hand.  In addition, a designer can help fill in the gaps if you have some sort of a concept but haven’t really worked out the details.  So regardless of whether you have an entire vision planned or just some basic ideas – working with a good interior designer will help ensure a stylish and well planned space.

Finally: branding, branding, branding.  Your restaurant’s branding goes beyond it’s logo – its the menu,t he design, the overall feel and personality and mission statement of your concept.  Branding should be well reflected in design as well as marketing materials.  Are you more aesthetic or baroque?  Casual or fine dining?  Modern or traditional?  All of these questions should be carefully taken into consideration when executing your restaurant floor plan.  Small details, such as lighting fixtures or artwork, convey a strong presence in design, so be detail oriented and plan well in order to make your vision come to life in an attractive way that your customers will love.


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Jessica Biel Starts Family Restaurant

There seems to be a spate of celebrities starting their own restaurants these days. Recently, we read about Jessica Biel starting her own family style restaurant. We wish her all the success in the world. May the bar supplies be free flowing.

This restaurant is family friendly, but it also has elements of the upscale lifestyle. “We saw a hole in the marketplace for fine dining experiences that don’t exclude people who happen to have children,” says one of the partners involved with the venture.

But, as noted, it’s also stocked with bar supplies. There are great cocktails there so that the parents can have a moment away from their kids while getting in a martini or something a little stronger than diet Coke.

The produce and the meat is sourced locally, they get their foods from places all around the area. “I wanted to be able to go to a place that I could trust in terms of where they sourced their produce down to the chemicals they used to clean the tables.” It’s all about accountability for Biel.

Do you have a restaurant that was opened by a celebrity just down the way? Is the food fantastic, or just making it through on the appeal of being celebrity owned?

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When is your Local Restaurant Week?

“I’d be a foodie if I just had the money.” That statement has been made by people everywhere. The food prices are getting expensive, and eating out is a luxury that some people just cannot afford. That is until restaurant week.

Restaurant weeks are held in cities all over the country. The basic premise is that a coalition of restaurants can get together and, in order to gain exposure for their restaurant, serve a fixed-price menu to special patrons who want to explore. Usually, this menu is cheaper than the normal fare, so that patrons can get an extra taste without breaking the bank.

In some instances, there’s even the chance for the restaurants to bring the Winco chafers to the table, offering a buffet setting when they normally would not. The level of detail for these depends on the city that’s throwing it, and the restaurants involved. Since the restaurant weeks are meant to highlight local restaurants, each one of them has their own local flair.

The people who are organizing the restaurant week in Medina are saying, “we want to create a sense of community, of working together. Everyone is excited about it.” Basically, the owners are chipping in to make sure that the whole thing comes off flawlessly. And, when the Medina restaurant week DOES come together over the coming weeks, both customers and restaurants will win.

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Meet our Empura Line of Combination Stoves

empura-ems-36All restaurants run on two things: knives and fire. Today, we look at fire. Ovens and stoves are a requirement for any kitchen. Today we want to show you one of our favorite brands. Empura makes combination stoves and ovens perfect for your restaurant.

Take the Empura EMS-36. This compact 36” unit has six gas burners and a gas oven, built in crumb tray, and a telescoping top front ledge to hold dishes. The range is made of stainless steel and aluminum and is very easy to clean no matter what you’re cooking. The oven has three rack positions and a wide range of temperatures, from 122 F to 608 F via thermostat control. It is built to American ETL standard.

If you need something a little smaller, the EMS-24 is a 24” range with four burners and a gas oven but with all the same features of the EMS-36. It’s perfect for restaurants that are tight on space. If your kitchen is roomy, or you really want to show off, the EMS-60 comes with 10 burners and two full ovens, enough to keep even a large restaurant hopping well.

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price too. Empura ranges are quite affordable and durable. If you’re in the market for a range, you can’t go wrong with an Empura.

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2015 NAFEM Show

download (25)This past February, the show of shows for restaurant supplies was held in Las Vegas.  It’s called the NAFEM Show. It’s held every two years. Restaurant supply manufacturers show off their latest gear to restaurant owners and suppliers like Restaurant Supply so we can see what the trends are and what’s on the market. There were over 500 exhibits for this show. Here are some of the highlights.

One trend was more touch screens and instructions to employees. There are pieces of equipment out there that can actually train your employees on how to use it properly. We’re not talking about pots and pans, but appliances like dishwashers and stoves.

Smaller refrigeration units are also getting very popular. Europe has a much larger selection of refrigeration units than the US, but that is starting to change as more imports come in. The use of propane as a refrigerant, also big in Europe, is catching on here due to its low carbon footprint.

You may be familiar with pod coffee units like Keurig. These are starting to reach the commercial space. Several vendors were offering commercial-scale pod coffee machines that can brew a single fresh cup in about 35 seconds.